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Collecting South Korean Graphic Design


I collaborated with Rosalie Kim, V&A Curator of Korean Art and Design, on a collecting initiative that focused on contemporary graphic design from South Korea. In October 2017 we undertook our first research trip, meeting with around 25 graphic designers* based in and around Seoul, and visiting events like Typojanchi, the Gwangju Design Biennale, and the Cheongju Craft Biennale (for which I was an international advisor).

*Including: Ahn Sang-soo, Kim Hyungjin (Workroom), studio fnt, Sulki & Min, Ahn Mano, Chris Ro, Young Na Kim, Hong x Kim, Sunny Studio, Jin & Park, Jin Jung, Bae Minkee, Chae Byung-rok, Sung Kim, Everyday Practice, Waterain and Practice.

Image captions (starting from the top, then from left to right): 1) Tiles by renowned typography designer Ahn Sang-soo on the outer facade of Paju Typography Institute (PaTI). 2) Ahn Sang-soo in his studio. 3) Ahn Sang-soo’s archive. The designer has kept his old sketchbooks, and plans to eventually donate these to the Seoul Museum of Art. 4) Touring PaTI, starting with the school’s basement.