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Graphic Design in South Korea: Oral Histories


Description coming soon.

Image captions (starting from the top, then from left to right): 1) Woo flag, created to mark the publication “Korea, Female, Graphic Designer 11” by 6699 Press. 2) Detail of the “Woo Who” event poster, designed by Shrimp Chung with Mat-kkal. 3) Close-up of the “Korea, Female, Graphic Designer 11” book. 4) Front cover of the “Korea, Female, Graphic Designer 11” book. 5) Image from “The W Show”, an exhibition about women designers in Korea; co-curated by Na Kim, Sulki Choi, Chae Lee and Minhwa Yun. 6) View of “The W Show”. 7) View of “The W Show”. 8) Poster design by Sunny Studio for Shin Ji-ye, a representative of the Green Party and 2018 candidate for Seoul mayor. 9) Image from an event organised by the Feminist Designer Social Club.