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Design Museums in China and Hong Kong


Since 2014, I have been researching design museums in China and Hong Kong. My initial investigations, titled “Design Museums in Contemporary China: Localising Global Models”, examined the localised (Chinese) cultural and creative industries, using these narratives to contextualise the recent emergence of design museums in China. This work adopted a case study approach, focusing on the China Design Museum in Hangzhou, the China Industrial Design Museum in Shanghai, and M+ in Hong Kong.

My research has been supported by the Design History Society, the Basil Taylor Memorial Prize and the Anthony Gardner Fund. An extract of this study has been published in Design and Culture journal (Issue 3, Volume 9, 2017).

Image captions (starting from the top, then from left to right): 1) Photograph of the Xiangshan campus of the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, the host institution of the China Design Museum. 2) The Shanghai International Industrial Design Center, which hosts the China Industrial Design Museum. 3) Inside the China Industrial Design Museum. 4) Aerial view of the M+ construction site in West Kowloon Cultural District, Hong Kong, 2017. Photo: WKCDA.